2018 Goals Set! Now, Smash it.

Happy New Year & My First post of 2018

Have you created the goals that you want to achieve this year? Weather, it’s losing weight, control your spending, get out of debt, volunteer or just donate more to charity. Whatever, your goals are. The one thing that I have always struggle with in the past was stinking to my goals and how I was going to do it.

However, I have really been focusing on our retirement and savings about 6 years ago, cutting down on spending, putting more into savings, maxing out the Roth IRA’s and more. Fast forward, that retirement date is approaching in APRIL, OMG! April my husband is 6 month shy of 30 years of service to our country.  

For the past 6 years, I have had our household numbers down and pretty happy with what I have been able to accomplish so far. But, I know I can find other ways. One of my most favorite ways we have saved is our garden.  In the summer, I try to grow everything that possible, well at least everything that I know my family will eat.


These are red, yellow & cherry tomatoes that I grew last year. They are really easy and don’t take a lot of work. I have a pretty big raised garden, many times I get such a big harvest that I give away to the neighbors. This is a savings, I’ve seen in my local grocery store bell peppers at $3.99each. That’s nuts!!! I usually get about 6-10 bell peppers a week, depending on how many plants I’m harvesting.  That’s a savings of about $40 dollars for 10 peppers at $3.99 each.  Plant: $5.99

I think everyone should look at their household as a business, you want to make your money work for you. For example, if you have a checking or savings account that gain dividends (interest) from the balance you have in that account? Do you wait to pay your bills the day they are due or do you pay them according to when you get paid even if they aren’t due for another week. Keeping, your money in the account as long as possible allows additional days of that interest to accumulate. 

I haven’t yet look back on 2017 expenses but I know that I will look at some purchases and ask myself, that was a dumb purchase.  Note to self: Don’t do that again!!

I will admit, I have to give my sister in law Lori the credit for this idea, I love the plug in’s at Bath & Bodywork’s but I just don’t think that it is very sensible to but one at $12 dollars and up. So, she said what she does is at the end of the year after Christmas, she waits for them to go on clearance. These are actually, great gifts to give to co-workers this years Christmas.

Although, this post is short and just hit some of the things I do during the year, I”m going to compare my expenses with other years, look at my spreadsheets and make adjustments where needed. Also, start getting my thoughts together for my blog topics.

Topics to include: Financial Health, Fitness, Meal Prep, Exercise Routines, Weight Training I’ve listed below what I have planned as GOALS for 2018

My goals for 2018

  1. Find more ways to cut household cost
  2. Donate more to Charity/Volunteer EMT at my local rescue squad
  3. Continue to max out savings & fund retirement
  4. Grow more veggies in my garden this year
  5. Put more time into my side hustles
  6. Blog more, at least once/twice a week

I look forward to an exciting 2018.


I Tested Out!

 Back in September, I inquired to a friend of mine who is a Lieutenant at the volunteer rescue squad about the next CPR class they we’re offering and she told me that I should think about taking the EMT basic class and volunteering at the squad. So, I went home told my husband that I was thinking about taking the EMT class and his response was, “That’s cool, go do it” and then he said “Will you get paid?” No! I said it just volunteering a few hours a month but I could do a few hours at a hospital for extra income if I wanted to. 

The class was held on Tuesday evenings (6-10pm) & Saturdays (8am-5pm), completing 4-5 chapters a night. The first night, we introduced ourselves to the class and stated our WHY we we’re taking the class. There we’re high school seniors who had hopes of becoming a doctor and the other becoming a nurse, others who we’re just getting re- certified and others want to have some knowledge of how to care for their parents who we’re elderly and many who we’re like me, wanting to volunteer in this crazy, chaotic & divided country. 

I was so overwhelmed with the vast amount of information and thinking to myself I have been out of college for a while and how was I going to retain all this information, study, work full-time, have family time and YES! I was thinking...

” OMG!!! What have I gotten myself into”, but I’m no quitter and I always finish what I’ve started.

In addition, to completing the EMT class. You also have to complete the EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operator Course), this course you have a practical and written exam. During, the practical you have a course set up that you must drive by yourself as the proctor grades your driving of the 6 obstacles that you must complete in between cones without hitting  any of them. (Straight Line/Backup, Serpentine, Changing lines, Blindside Backing (J-Curve), Turn Around (backing up in bay area)

EVOC The road course was an all day event, when we arrived that morning our instructors told us to help with setting up the two courses, since we had at least 20 people testing. We first we’re paired up with a partner and we both drove the ambulance around through the course to get practice. We finally broke for lunch and once we came back it was testing time. LOL!! during testing I did well in all obstacles but the changing line & the serpentine I hit every dang cone….LOL!!!! I can hear you laughing, about changing lines that can’t be that hard. No, it wasn’t hard I just hadn’t told you that we also had to back the ambulance up and go back to your starting point for all 6 obstacles. But, I DID IT!!! When, we came back from lunch, it was testing time. We we’re now driving the bus by ourselves and I’m so proud of myself that I didn’t hit one cone. 

I have learned so much from these past 12 weeks, from taking vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respiration’s & quality of respiration’s), administering an Epipen, assessing a medical or trauma emergency and many others in between this is truly valuable knowledge that everyone should know for personal awareness, changing careers or just wanting to help others. 

When testing out of the class you will need to complete 3 assessments, which include Medical assessment, Trauma assessment & a Random Skill

I have attached an example of the Medical Skills sheet, so you can get an idea of what you will be tested on during the assessments and what is an automatic fail. Medical-Assessment


A person that is experiencing chest pain will be an example of an Medical scenario and you will need to complete the assessments following the skills sheet, it’s almost like a script that you follow to find out information about the chief complaint of the patient, you will follow an mnemonic OPQRST & SAMPLE for example.

  • Onset- When did the pain start? 
  • P-Does anything make it better or worst?
  • Q- Can you describe the pain?
  • R-Does the pain move? (Radiate)
  • S- On a scale of 0-10, 10 being worst, can you rate it?
  • T- How long ago did it start?

This is just an example of what you will learn in the EMT-B class, below are the different levels of certifications. Once, you have tested out of the class and you have been signed off by your instructor. You will then be able to test for the National Registry EMT & State Certification. 

  • EMT-Basic
  • EMT- Intermediate
  • EMT-Advanced
  • Paramedic

I suggest to everyone to take this class, even if you don’t do anything else with it. It’s such great knowledge to know

I look forward to your comments below

Here are a few photos from the class & our mock casualty  drill

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Cauliflower Pizza Crust

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Small change adds up BIG

Does your household work on a budget? Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck and when an emergency comes up you don’t have an emergency fund. As, an accountant some people believe that we are really good with money. Well, sometimes that not actually true. I will admit when my husband and I we’re first married we both came in to the marriage debt free!!! YIPPEE.

However, I did  have one credit card because when I started college, why? Because, I didn’t quality or any financial aid and didn’t want student loans and although my parents owed a small business they couldn’t pay for my entire 4 years. So, this is what I did.


I had one credit card with a very low interest rate and I would pay for my tuition & books for that semester and then I also worked a part-time job as a cosmetologist ( I took during my junior/senior year of HS, then took the state examine, passed and I still licensed to this day) and by the end of the semester I would have the credit card balance paid off. Then, the following semester I did the same all the way up to graduation. Sorry, I just had to note that little sidebar!!!


So, my husband and I came in to the marriage debt free, but as newly weds and buying our first house a few years later we got ourselves in a debt nightmare….OMG! Did we fall into the trap that we we’re trying to impression family and friends with what we have, we’re we trying to keep up with the Jones. WOW! now that my husband and I have been married for 21 years officially TOMORROW JUNE 8th, we are SO SO SO pass that. I think it was around the 15 year of marriage and now we are in our third house (Military Family) we just looked at where we we’re financial and say in 10 years where do we want to be…he will be retiring from the US Navy at some point and we need to make sure that we are doing everything that we can to get there.


If you have meet any Accountant before, I think most will tell you that we LOVE spreadsheets. I created an excel spreadsheet that I list all bills/pmts that we make at the beginning of the month 1st and all the bills we pay on the 15th, created a row the displays all 12 months and subtotals for the year and then for each column I subtotal for each month so this gives me a comparable variance of what we are paying each month.

I got rid of as Dave Ramsey says “Stupid Tax”, such as membership fees, can’t get rid of my gym membership, that’s my “ME TIME”. However, I’m done with car payments, I’m working on my husband to get rid of DirectTV, I watch Netflix and besides you can find everything on YOU TUBE!!! For example, if we got rid of DirectTV which our bill is usually around $150-$175 depending if we buy any movies at $5.99 (stupid tax) 

Let’s just use

DirectTV $150 x 12 = $1800 a year

Netflix $8.99 x 12 = 107.88 a year

Netflix, look a whole lot better to me!!!!


What “STUPID TAX” are you paying and are you ready to sit down, look at your household finances and see what you can do without? I’m working on my husband daily to get the DirectTV cancelled, I will keep you updated when that happens. I like for you to test it out like I did and ask your friends & family on Facebook how many of you have cut the cable cord? I tell you I was shocked as to how many of my friends said they had.

Also, with online banking I know a lot of people don’t pay with checks or even use a check register but here is one way I save and I know it will work for you too. Get a check register, when you make a purchase or payment round the amount up to the nearest dollar. For example, if I make a payment/purchase for $257.45, I will round it up to in my check register as $258.00, this keeps the register in whole dollars, helps reduce errors. However, when you reconcile your statement which I hope you are doing. just keep in mind that the ending balance will be incorrect due to rounding.

I will upload a sample of my spreadsheet that I use.