Hello, Friend!

I like to welcome you to my little space on this big wide world of the internet. I have to admit that I started a blog a few years back but it just wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be, I would make a few posts and then stop. Knowing, that I had a lot of ideas but thinking to myself, has this been done before and how can I make my different, unique and would people really be interested in what I’m blogging about.  Although, that blog was about fitness and eating clean, I knew that I wanted it to be so much more. But, wasn’t sure how I wanted to get it started. But, now I have made that decision to give it another shot. I want to share that we not only need to  be physically fit but we also need to be financial and spiritually fit. I believe that it’s a complete circle, money issues can cause a lot of stress in a marriage and I believe it’s the number one reason a lot of marriages end in divorce.

Many of us have fell into the trap of debt and my husband and I are no exception  with car loans, buying stuff that we really didn’t need, using a credit card and saying “We will have it paid off by the end of the month”, bill didn’t get paid off and we kept adding to the debt.  I think we learn a lot from life lessons and that as we get older we see the mistake we have made and it teaches us not to do that again. One would think a person with an accounting or finance degree would be really great with money right?  I suppose some are but I think we all fall into the debt trap and maybe it’s good that we have that experience to learn from. I sure know I have and that I want to retire early, I don’t want to continue working into my 60’s to 70’s. Looking back and I say to myself “Why didn’t you put some money away each month when you were younger” (early 20’s) I know for my that was my young & dumb phase…lol. Haven’t we all had that phase in one way or another?

On the other hand, I have the physical fitness part down now. I go to the gym, I eat right and I’m not going to tell you that I don’t have my junk food moments cause I do. But, it’s a balance, you may have to sacrifice a few yummy treats for a while until you get where you want to be or create a healthy eating plan that allows you one cheat meal per week. I usually, have mine on a Saturday or for a special event that I know is coming up and I really want to enjoy myself without feeling guilty about having it. However, before I started my weight loss journey, I was an overweight corporate accountant but the funny thing is,  I had a mental picture of what I looked like in my head, even when I looked in the mirror I still didn’t see myself as overweight, is that crazy?


It wasn’t until my husband & I we’re going to a military dinner and when I seen the photos of us, I was in horror. WOW! Is that what I really look like? I guess photos don’t lie. Although,  my job is sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen I had no idea that I was that out of shape. When I was a kid I was super skinny, never had a weight issue and ate just about everything and anything I wanted but then again I was always outside doing something, I didn’t have a cell phone, IPod’s, or video games like there are today. I was outside riding my bike, skateboarding or going to my best friends house that was several blocks away. Oh! and we did have a neighborhood pool that my parents would get a summer membership, so I had something to keep me busy during the summer. Maybe, that is one reason I had this mental picture of myself because I knew I was always active and as an adult I was or well thought I was some what still active or maybe it’s when having kids we then to put ourselves on the back burner because we are helping and taking care of everyone else, that we forget about taking care of ourselves.

I hope you enjoyed my first post and will have a separate post of how I got started on my weight loss journey what I did and how I did it. Sometimes, I feel that I want to express all of my thoughts running around in the head that I feel that I may ramble on and on. Therefore, I hope you weren’t too bored and you’ll come back and visit again.