Are you a newbie?

Are you a gym newbie?

I’m asking that question because I see a lot of men & women starting coming to the gym and they look like a dear in headlights. I can see the puzzled look on their faces asking themselves “Eek! Where do I begin, cardio or weights”

Let me start off by staying I was one of those “Newbies”, and yes the gym can be intimidating when you see the Muscle Heads, also let me say that not all but most will be very friendly. I say most because I haven’t met anyone at my gym or any gym that wasn’t friendly, but I’m sure that there are some gym goers that just want to do their workout and not be bothered because yes, there are people who just SUCK!

So, newbie you started going to the gym and immediately go to the cardio machine do 35-40 minutes then your done, I’m hoping the gym manager or trainer gave you a tour of the facility but  you know what I think will be really cool, which I’m going to suggest to my friend who is a trainer at my gym (soon I will post an interview with her) I’m going to tell her that when new people join that she should introduce them to some of the regulars. Do you think that is a good idea? Therefore, when a new member joins that may  make them feel a little more comfortable about coming to the gym.


I know when I first started going to my gym I would see women that I was just in ahh of how they looked, their physique was amazing and I wanted to know that was their secret to looking like that because I wanted that for myself. I had so many questions that I wanted to ask them. Like, How do I look like you? Do I have to spend hours in the gym? Will I have to be on a strict diet? Can I have cake, ice cream and chocolate and many many more questions I had. So, after going regularly to the gym for a few months I had enough courage to say Hi, to my now friend Virginia who looks so amazing. While, we we’re standing at the rack that held our bags and both on our way out,  I looked over to her and said how amazing she looked and that I admire her dedication. We instantly hit it off and became friends. During, our conversation I learned that she was in her late 40’s, (but had the body of a 30 something) she was a figure competitor, a mom and she answered my questions that I had.

My point is this…… if you are a newbie at the gym, which we know can be intimidating and you see someone who is regularly there the same time as you, just walk up and say Hi, tell them you just joined and that you admire their dedication and that if they didn’t mind could you ask a few questions, give you some advice or even show the correct form of an exercise and I will bet they will be very friendly and the willingness to answer any of your questions.

I would love to hear your good or bad experiences as a gym newbie, comment below.



2 thoughts on “Are you a newbie?

  1. theweightlosscyclist

    Damn this is a great post. I’ve put off joining a team just out of intimidation, but you’re right, there’s no reason not to approach someone who is more experienced and ask them: “how can I be like you?”.


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