2018 Goals Set! Now, Smash it.

Happy New Year & My First post of 2018

Have you created the goals that you want to achieve this year? Weather, it’s losing weight, control your spending, get out of debt, volunteer or just donate more to charity. Whatever, your goals are. The one thing that I have always struggle with in the past was stinking to my goals and how I was going to do it.

However, I have really been focusing on our retirement and savings about 6 years ago, cutting down on spending, putting more into savings, maxing out the Roth IRA’s and more. Fast forward, that retirement date is approaching in APRIL, OMG! April my husband is 6 month shy of 30 years of service to our country.  

For the past 6 years, I have had our household numbers down and pretty happy with what I have been able to accomplish so far. But, I know I can find other ways. One of my most favorite ways we have saved is our garden.  In the summer, I try to grow everything that possible, well at least everything that I know my family will eat.


These are red, yellow & cherry tomatoes that I grew last year. They are really easy and don’t take a lot of work. I have a pretty big raised garden, many times I get such a big harvest that I give away to the neighbors. This is a savings, I’ve seen in my local grocery store bell peppers at $3.99each. That’s nuts!!! I usually get about 6-10 bell peppers a week, depending on how many plants I’m harvesting.  That’s a savings of about $40 dollars for 10 peppers at $3.99 each.  Plant: $5.99

I think everyone should look at their household as a business, you want to make your money work for you. For example, if you have a checking or savings account that gain dividends (interest) from the balance you have in that account? Do you wait to pay your bills the day they are due or do you pay them according to when you get paid even if they aren’t due for another week. Keeping, your money in the account as long as possible allows additional days of that interest to accumulate. 

I haven’t yet look back on 2017 expenses but I know that I will look at some purchases and ask myself, that was a dumb purchase.  Note to self: Don’t do that again!!

I will admit, I have to give my sister in law Lori the credit for this idea, I love the plug in’s at Bath & Bodywork’s but I just don’t think that it is very sensible to but one at $12 dollars and up. So, she said what she does is at the end of the year after Christmas, she waits for them to go on clearance. These are actually, great gifts to give to co-workers this years Christmas.

Although, this post is short and just hit some of the things I do during the year, I”m going to compare my expenses with other years, look at my spreadsheets and make adjustments where needed. Also, start getting my thoughts together for my blog topics.

Topics to include: Financial Health, Fitness, Meal Prep, Exercise Routines, Weight Training I’ve listed below what I have planned as GOALS for 2018

My goals for 2018

  1. Find more ways to cut household cost
  2. Donate more to Charity/Volunteer EMT at my local rescue squad
  3. Continue to max out savings & fund retirement
  4. Grow more veggies in my garden this year
  5. Put more time into my side hustles
  6. Blog more, at least once/twice a week

I look forward to an exciting 2018.


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