Hello, I’m Tena
I’m a wife, Navy spouse, mom and once an overweight corporate accountant. It’s really funny to me now that before I really didn’t think or at least I didn’t have any idea that I was overweight and out of shape. I guess I just had this idea that since I did some cardio and kind of watched what I ate I was just fine.

My “I’ve got to change this”, was when my husband and I we’re going to a military ball and I had to find a dress. Well, I found a dress and it wasn’t hard I just didn’t like what I seen in the photos and that was wow, pictures don’t lie. I just was not happy what I seen in the photo of how I looked and it’s not so much about how I looked but I really thought I need to get healthy for my kids and for my health too.

I have a list of health problem in my family from diabetes, breast cancer, high blood pressure and a few more and at that moment I said to myself, ” We are going to make a lifestyle change”, not just me but the whole family and that is exactly what we did. It was a slow change but we worked together to make it happen.


Our family was getting ready for a military transfer to Washington State and that we we’re going to be stationed there for 3 years, that this was my new fresh start and get this journey to healthy living moving forward. Once, we got settled into out home it was time to get my weight loss journey on. After, about 3 months of going to the gym and just doing cardio and watching my diet,  I had loss about 35 pounds. (read From Corporate Accountant to Figure Competitor)  Haha! I was onto something here and I loved the way I felt and starting to look. When, I was a kid I was in all kinds of sports but I think as we get older we just think we have more important things to do,  put our kids and family before own health.


Although, I have entered several other figure competitions since my first competition in 2012, I’m still a work in progress, learning more about myself and I’m only in competition with myself.

I graduated from Liberty University in 2007 with a degree in Accounting. Although, I have a love for numbers, I also have a love for writing and this is a perfect way for me to share my tips, experiences and love for fitness. My husband and I were married in 1996, we have 2 children Jared & Jordan Leianna,  2 dogs Molly & Sad and we are currently living on Virginia.


What are my goals

My number one goal is to continue improving myself as a person, I will always be “work in progress”

Although, I love competing. However,  if I don’t come in first place, I will not be heartbroken for me, it’s competing against myself and proving to myself. Also, I want to start running again, I have done 2 half marathons but that was just having a spontaneous moment and told my husband HEY! let’s go do this. yeah, I do that sometimes….LOL. I love being with my family (lots of laughs),  I love my job (Accountant for Police, Fire-Rescue department), I love to travel and I’m a immediate gardener.

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Contact Me

I love hearing from you, so please drop me a line at thefitacctant@gmail.com




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**Disclaimer- I am not a register dietitian nor medical doctor,  the information you find on my blog or any social media is the opinions of my own. Please see your medical doctor before you start any fitness program.