Staying Accountable

Hey! I want to let you in on a little secret. Figure competitors and fitness models do NOT stay that lean all year round. IT IS VERY UNHEALTHY and can cause damage to the internal organs.

The magazines that you and I have bought from the grocery store showing theses  women in top shape and you say to yourself, how does she stay like that?


I’m not saying that she doesn’t stay fit but when you see them very lean & cut, they lean out when they know that they will have a photo shoot in 6 months and they will start preparing for it.

I stopped buying those magazines a long time ago, I’m not going to say that they don’t have great information but when there are more advertisements then there are article, I just can’t spend the $5-8 for them anymore, it’s just a waste of money. My point to this post is to stay accountable to yourself, don’t wish to be or look like someone else because you don’t know the behind the scenes of what these models do for preparations for the magazine shoot and keep in mind that this is their career.

 You are perfect, you are beautiful and you do it for you’re health and hey looking  good in those jeans is just the icing on the cake.   



Countless Hours

When you got sick and tired of your unhealthy eating habits and you can no longer fit in your clothes you decided “THAT”S IT”, today is the day I’m doing it! I’m starting a healthier lifestyle for me, I going to follow a diet. So, I stomped into the kitchen proceeded to clean out the frig & pantry of all the processed crap I’ve been eating. When I notice myself, holding onto the tub of ice cream like I was in a trance, saying “Oh my favorite ice cream, I’m going to miss you” with my hair a hot mess dripping sweat from all the crap I was tossing. Pushing forward, I was ready to create a workout plan but  WHERE TO START and OH! Yay for CARDIO, I really hate cardio. So, I  jumped onto the computer research many websites, looked at lots workouts and finally came up with my own. I was ready to get this process going.


Yep! that was me. When, I first started training I would go to the gym and at first I thought or at least thought I had to spend hours in the gym but in reality you actually  don’t. I didn’t realize how much time I was spending at the gym until I learn to work smarter not harder. I found that, I didn’t have to do countless hours of cardio. I learn over time that I need to work one muscle group each day and a variety of different exercise for the muscle group. WOW! what a change I went from spending 2-3 hours at the gym not knowing exactly what I was doing, to spending 1- 1.5 hours the most depending on what muscle group I was working.  I create myself a split training programs, A split routine training system involves breaking up a resistance training program by movement patterns or muscle groups to be trained on separate days of the week.

  • Mon. Bank/Bi’s
  • Tues. Chest/Tri’s
  • Wes. Shoulders
  • Thurs. Glutes/Hamstrings (Legs)
  • Fri: Total-body


With a 10 minutes warm-up & 30-45 minute cardio Although, I don’t like cardio (really who likes Cardio)  I do enjoy sprints & walking at an incline on the treadmill to be my favorites. When, I’m doing sprints I run as fast as I can for 60 seconds then walk at 3.4 for 60 seconds for a total of 20 minutes and my cardio is DONE!!!!!!

Sprints HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and these should NEVER be done back to back because of the high demands that HIIT sessions place on your body it is important that you never do back to back HIIT cardio

For Example, if sprints are done on Monday you will not do them again until Wes. When you incorporate HIIT into your routine it breaks up the steady state of the traditional 30-60 minute cardio sessions on the elliptical. As, we all start as newbies at the gym, we find ourselves working harder not smarter when it come to exercising and eating healthy, need help with a plan or workout. Email me  for a package that I offer and I can help you get on your fitness journey.

Always do a warm-up before start your training for the day, this helps to get the joints and muscles loose and blood flowing. In addition, to a cool-down and stretching which will help in muscle soreness and cramping